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Caricature Me

For those who don’t quite know what a caricature is, it’s a picture (usually of a person) with exagerrated characteristics. In the olden days caricatures were a form of amusement. The reason for such exagerrated featured was for the caricature itself to make its subject appear better looking. So essentially if one looked at you and looked at your caricature, you were meant to look better in real life. Goodness, my head just spun trying to explain that. Those olden day folk had way too much time to think.


In any case today caricatures are usually given as a gift or souvenir. I had this caricature down for our two year anniversary a few years ago. I gave the artist these three pics.

HELEN(1) Tank Untitled-1






AND this was the result…



Thank you Sponz for letting me use your pics…


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