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My #Skin Story

A year ago my Sponz initiated a #Skin campaign. As a photographer and visual artist he often worked with women who had several insecurities, many stemming from their childhood. With #Skin his aim was to allow them to share their stories of their insecurities and how they managed to overcome them. The truth is that people, in particular women, go through all kinds of issues that may lead them to have low self esteem and not like the way they look. We live in a world where people judge and mock you because of the colour of your skin, size of your thighs, the hairstyle you choose to rock and even the shape of your head. It’s always encouraging to read a story that you personally relate to and more especially to read about how someone with the same issue as you managed to overcome it and work towards being comfortable in his or her skin.

Take a peep at my #Skin story here.


Photo Cred: Tankiso Tank Khumalo

Instagram: @tankisotankkhumalo

Blog: www.photographyfriday.tumblr.com


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