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#PhotographyFriday – Taking It to the Hood

There has always been an interest in the urban street culture in Bloemfontein, South Africa. More and more Bloem residents are getting comfortable being inventive, daring and edgy with what they wear, how they style their hair and even the type of music they listen to. They are taking risks and getting creative. While for the most part the cool kids either gravitate towards the hip hop type of dressing with the saggy pants, beanies, fresh kicks or screaming sneakers (you know the type that just scream “Over here! Look at me” #HateThem), others opt for the more relaxed downtown “I’m not trying too hard” type of look.

Street culture thrives in the streets, from the hood to the burbs, there is a group of cool kids with such a unique dress sense that it’s quite refreshing. This image is of a Law student, Kamo Mothibedi (@shopaholiccauseican). She is a cool kid fashionista as I call her. She loves fashion and just by going through her Instagram you’ll see how she puts together her attire and easily goes from “dressed up for drinks with the girls” to “dressed down for class” while still looking effortlessly put together. That is the aim of being a fashionista, especially one interested in a culture as diverse as the urban street kind. You always want to look like you didn’t try to hard.

Kamo easily rocks a pair of black leggings, an over sized print sweatshirt for some funk and adds the black boots for some edge. Her box braids are long and luscious and her face is beat. I like toc all this look the “lady thug” look. I love it. She is fresh and just screams “chilling”.

Click here for more pics from this shoot.


Photo Cred: Tankiso Tank Khumalo

Instagram: @tankisotankkhumalo

Blog: www.photographyfriday.tumblr.com


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