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My Trip to Kenya

I like to think I have one hell of a creative imagination. I’m that girl that will worry about the condition of my underwear God forbid I should be involved in some horrific underwear. I mean can you imagine paramedics have to cut your clothes off your body and Lo and Behold there you are slipping in and out of consciousness with tattered and discolored underwear? THE HORROR!!!

My imagination goes all the way back to my childhood. At school we would be given creative writing assignments and let me tell you I went wild. The story below is one I wrote as a 15 year old. I recall the topic was to write about a holiday or trip that we had taken during the holidays. I won’t lie, at that time my holiday entailed traveling from Bloemfontein to Port Elizabeth where my mom and siblings were based and for the most part staying indoors because my mom was so paranoid that I’d be kidnapped or murdered. I wasn’t going to write about that so I made up a story instead about my imaginary trip to Kenya. At that stage I was a huge soapie fan, I loved Generations’ Karabo (played by Connie Ferguson) and had a crush and a half on Loyiso Mangena who played Chippa on the now defunct Backstage and that’s how I came up with my best friend’s name in the story… Karabo Mangena. Take a peep at my story below..

My Trip To Kenya-page-001  My Trip To Kenya-page-002

Miss Helen


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