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Dear Chris Brown

Dear Christopher

You have a troubled soul! Now look, I’m not here to pass judgement, I too have made my fair share of mistakes, after all, to err is to be human. Christopher you are one hell of a talented human being, there hasn’t been a talent like yours since the late Michael Jackson. When you are on stage, you are fire. You ignite that stage and like the incredible performer that you are, you shut shit down. This may be true but Christopher you are troubled. Your short temper and your ability to go from “I’ve learnt from my mistakes and want to be a better man” to “fuck you world” in 0.5 seconds is undoubtedly a problem.

Photo: http://www.jetmag.com

Chris you need to stay off social media, get someone to manage your accounts, delete them even but just stay away from social media. Once somebody does something to rub you up the wrong way, your fingers are so quick to type and post all over social media. It’s just not healthy! You know what, regardless of all your inner demons, erratic behaviour and childish antics I still believe in you. Right now the best thing you can do for everyone, especially yourself, is take a break from social media, stay out of the public eye and fix yourself and your life.

Photo: http://www.ourimgs.com

I believe that one day, I will tell my daughter about you the way I was told about the legendary Michael Jackson. I can’t tell her a happy ending to Michael’s story but I hope to hell that I get to tell her the happy ending of Chris Brown and I hope your daughter gets to tell that story too. .


 A Fan


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