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#PhotographyFriday – A Lady in The Streets

In a world where being a twenty something year old woman often equates to wearing too little, twerking in clubs and reaping what ones Sugar Daddy sows, I love seeing women like this. Sandisiwe Guzana (@sandisiweguzana), Sandi as I know her, is a twenty something year old student, model and aspiring entrepreneur whose style is reflective of her personality. She’s opinionated but not loud about it, she’s sexy without being skanky, she’s confident without being arrogant and she absolutely knows what she is about.

Being sexy doesn’t mean wearing a push up bra two sizes too small because you want your boobs to scream “Hello” to every passer by nor does it mean wearing clothes so tight you can barely breathe. Being sexy is not having your ass hanging out of your clothes in a bid to show off what your mama gave you. Being sexy is in the way you carry yourself, the type of clothes you wear and most importantly how you wear them, the way you speak and in your confidence.


In this picture Sandi is the epitome of sexy. Her dress hugs all her curves in the right places without being too tight and she shows just enough cleavage to tease. She wears just enough make up to accentuate her facial features and she adds a pop of colour to her outfit with the red nails. Super classy. Super sexy #YES.


Peep the rest of Sandi’s pics taken in downtown Bloemfontein here.


Photo Cred: Tankiso Tank Khumalo

Instagram: @tankisotankkhumalo

Blog: www.photographyfriday.tumblr.com


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