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TBT: The Clique Presents 2Nyce – Wildin’ Out

A few years ago I dabbled in artist management and let me tell you something, working with artists can really test your patience and push you to the brink of insanity. As trying as this period of my life was, it was also the best time of my life. One of the people I worked with is an urban gentleman by the name of Pule Mogorosi but known best as 2Nyce aka MoneyNyce. He’s a hip hop artist born and bred in Bloemfontein South Africa who has earned respect in local hip hop circles. Not only is he a hip hop artist but an amazingly talent producer as well.


In 2012 he released a single titled “Wildin’ Out”. Before the release of this music video we, together with Tankiso Tank Khumalo and Karabo “PrimeEzy” Tau, formed a crew called The Clique. Tank is one hell of a photographer, he has this amazing eye…I can’t even begin to explain it. Prime, let me tell you, this human is not only a brilliant musician but is a photographer and videographer. Tank and Prime were a formidable team with the visuals, graphics as well. We were joined later that year by stylist Tebogo “Chompstar” Hlohlolo and musician/graphic designer TysonFREE Molemela.

Photo and Design: Tankiso Tank Khumalo

The “Wildin’ Out” music video was one of our first big projects and we took it seriously. We identified locations, conducted site recces, organized props… we put in the work. I wrote the music video treatment and enjoyed doing it. I remember at that time I was in Port Elizabeth for my sister’s wedding and in between dress fittings I was typing away furiously. It was the first time I’d ever needed to write a music video treatment, I had no idea where to start or where to end but thanks to a little help from my good friend Google I managed to pull it off.

The video was shot in the Bloemfontein by Johannesburg based director Kyle White of Kyle White TV. We had the worst weather on the day but we soldiered on. From the first part of our shoot at Cheetah Experience, to the tattoo scene at Tattoo (he really was getting inked by Costa), the basement scene at Bloem Plaza and the street scene with vehicles from John Williams Bloemfontein, we were in work mode and as a team we put together a product I am proud to have been a part of.

At the end of the day this is what we came up with….

Watching this music video reminds me of the wild journey with my boys. We went through heavy rains, near accidents, being broke, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere, doing three towns in one day, potholes, traffic cops, performances, interviews, Tank almost dying from motion sickness and driving around in the wee hours because Prime was hungry. Yes we had our challenges and sure I wanted to slaughter the whole lot more than a few times but I spent some good years with The Clique and had the best adventures and the best laughs with them. If I was asked whether I regret any of this, my response would be an unequivocal NO.

Click here for the behind the scenes clip shot by PrimeEzy.

Cover photo cred: Tankiso Tank Khumalo


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