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Kevin Hart Heading to the R.S. of A

Look, I will be honest and say that when I first got that email about Kevin Hart heading to the R.S of A (republic of South Africa for those who haven’t yet guessed) I was convinced I was hallucinating. Who could blame me? After a week partially spent in hospital at my toddler’s bedside, leaving a job & preparing for a new one as well as suffering from a bout of sinusitis, not only was I drunk from lack of sleep but I was so drugged up I was bound to start imagining things at some point. But alas…a hallucination this was definitely not.

The pint sized actor and comedian has certainly come a long way from his days as an unknown comic (as they call themselves) telling jokes at comedy competitions, being booed off stage and even having pieces of chicken thrown at him to a freaking comedic superstar. I don’t use the term “superstar” loosely at all, we are talking about sold out comedy tours, high-grossing movies, hosting awards shows and even winning a few awards too. Kevin Hart WILL go down in history.

Born and raised in  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the 36 year old is undoubtedly the hardest working comedian roaming this Earth right now and thanks to Savanna Cider, Real Concerts, M-Net, 947 and East Coast radio, South Africa will finally get to hop onto the “Kevin Hart is amazing” bandwagon. The “Kevin Hart What Now?” tour kicked off earlier this year in Texas and has been sold out not just in the USA but in Canada, the UK and Australia as well. This should tell you just how much people around the globe are anxiously waiting to see this man on stage.

I’m a huge fan, as is my better half, so you can believe I will be tsiping my bum cheeks and checking Computicket every five minutes like a crack addict looking for a fix. I’m NOT missing out on this.

No word yet as to when tickets will be available or how much they will cost but one thing is for sure Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are in for one hell of a ride come March 2016. For now, take a peep at this teaser…


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