LOL: That JMPD Video…

I came across this video of the JMPD (Johannesburg Metro Police Department) cop exchanging a few, dare I say hilarious, words with a motorist. Now as I understand, the said motorist, a Mr Clive Naidoo, had driven over a red traffic light and was then stopped by the cop. While issuing a ticket to the motorist and filling out all the administrative nitty gritties Mr Naidoo asked that she hurry on up before telling her how his taxes paid her salary and that is where the hilarity began.

I laughed until I cried at her comments, it was just one liner after one liner. I’m not at all condoning this however I do understand that often one gets disrespected on the job and sometimes you can only take so much. Mr Naidoo tried his luck on this lady and let’s just say he got served real good. I will give her props for seeing the humour in the situation and handling it in the calm manner that she did. From her comments about how her dad would be proud to see her on TV, her questioning whose salary her tax pays and even her comments about how “superb” the quality of an Apple phone is…if you don’t find the humour in this then I just don’t know. Some call it childish, others are demanding disciplinary action..whatever does happen in the end will not change that I had myself a damn good laugh. Take a peep.



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