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#MusicMonday – Naycha Part 1


Like most hip hop artists, whose introduction to hip hop occurred while still a scholar, Naycha’s was no different. Originally a poet, he was introduced to this music genre by a high school friend and while the transition to hip hop was no easy feat he did it and boy did he…

His career mimics that of many successful independent musicians, starting off by releasing free music and relying on social media to promote it while growing his following. Fast forward to 2015 and the man has not only dropped banger after banger but his name has appeared on just about every event poster this side of the country.

His recent appearance on MTV Base Cyphers undoubtedly proved that he’s the fastest growing hip-hop artist in the bean shaped Free State. I cornered my favourite Corporate Gangsta King Nay him for a quick q&a.


(H): You recently dropped the Kally Kome assisted “Hamba Voetsek”, which tackles one of the challenges of the industry…refusal to pay for services. Let’s talk about the song, what led to you penning the song?

(N): To be honest, it was never meant to be a song. Kally had recorded the hook on a downloaded beat and after playing around in studio “Hamba Voetsek” came to be. The song speaks about being called a diva and disrespected for refusing to compromise your standards.

Hamba Voetsek

(H): Why Kally Kome?

(N): I’ve been working with up and coming artists a lot recently. Kally’s persistence impressed me. In such a short space of time, he’s established himself both in Bloem and Lesotho.

Download Hamba Voetsek here

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