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#MusicMonday – Naycha Part 2

In the first part of my chat with Naycha here, he touched on the origination of “Hamba Voetsek” featuring his hip hop industry peer Kally Kome.


(H): Aside from Hamba Voetsek, there’s the controversial Friday Nights in Bloem, …tell me about that.

(N): It was always a risk because I didn’t know whether our local industry was ready for that type of honesty but that’s what hip hop is about…being honest. I didn’t want to rap about a Bonang or a Boity, I wanted to talk about people I know and I must say they handled it well.


(H): You’ve also initiated “The Come Up” where you’ll be featuring an up and coming local artist on one of your singles, why was it so important to provide that platform for artists on the come up? 

(N): I know all to well their frustrations. I also know that as newcomer you don’t always understand the business aspects that supports your talent. They don’t understand why they don’t get play listed or booked and that’s what this is about. It’s not just providing a stepping stone but also educating them.


(H): www.naychaglobal.com, MTV Base Cyphers, Maftown Heights…you’ve had one hell of a year. What’s next?

 (N): It has been a better year, being slowly introduced to the game and being slowly accepted, next year should be better than this one. I’ve been burnt so much that I’ve learned to plan carefully. I’ve learned about human behavior. My next move? I want to have one of the country’s top five songs.


With an astounding SEVEN Golden Bean Music Awards nods under his belt, there’s no doubting that this has been the year of the Corporate Gangsta. I personally am excited to see what 2016 holds for King Nay. In the meantime, find him here:


Instagram: @Naycha_SA

Facebook: Naycha SA

Twitter: @Naycha_SA

Web: www.naychaglobal.com

Bookings: bookings@naychaglobal.com

Download Friday Nights in Bloem here


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