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Stories That Caught My Attention



Actor, singer, model, confused kid (is he confused or does he confuse me?) and son of Hollywood royalty Will and Jada has been announced as the face of Louis Vuitton’s 2016 Spring/Summer campaign for. Nothing to talk about here right? Well there wouldn’t be if it hadn’t been for the fact that Jaden will be the face of the women’s wear range. The announcement has set tongues wagging worldwide and I can understand why. However, when one considers that famed model Cara Delevigne was the face of DKNY’s menswear range in 2015 and Dutch model Saskia de Brauw shone for YSL’s menswear range in 2012, why is it so wrong for a boy who we all know pushes fashion and gender boundaries to head up a women’s range?




M-Net sent radio veteran and Idols judge Gareth Cliff packing for his comments on racism. While no replacement has been announced, reports indicate that Cliff will be seeking legal advice. M-Net released a statement saying: “The recent controversy regarding Cliff’s comments on social media risks distracting attention from the contestants and their considerable talents. M-Net supports the values of nation-building and believes all people should be treated with respect. To that end, we hold our representatives and brand ambassadors to the highest possible standards,” said M-Net CEO, Yolisa Phahle.  It’s all good and well to preach about “nation-building” and treating people with respect but you can’t punish one and not punish the other two judges who found themselves in hot water for controversial tweets. Punish them all kaloku!



Face of Hunter’s Dry and popular actor Thapelo Mokoena took to social media to recount a hit and run ordeal which left him with severe injuries. Witnesses allege that a red Audi with two white males was responsible. Read more here.



We’ve been waiting since the extinction of the Tyrannosaurus Rex for Rihanna to let her “ANTI” album loose on us…a few teasers later and we’re still waiting for the album. A track list, reportedly of the album, has been leaked (was it leaked or was it “leaked”?). Judging by the track list we can expect collabos with her on and off boo Drake, Azalea banks, J-Cole and Travis Scott to name but a few. 12 February (8 days before Bad Girl Rih’s birthday) is the expected date of release.


What caught your attention?


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