Naycha Talks Forthcoming Release – “Ha Mnate Jwang” ft PrimeEzy

Known in industry circles as the Corporate Gangsta, Tebogo “Naycha” Molatole is not known to be loud or boisterous and while that may be so he is certainly never shy to speak his mind. With a background in poetry, it’s fairly easy to understand why he is hailed for his gritty lyrical nature…he understands the importance of content. His singles “Eita Ola” ft The Fraternity’s Muzee, “Hamba”, “HoMnate” and the Chad Da Don assisted “BlekSem” garnered enough attention to land him a feature alongside G-C and Nasty C on MTV Base’s fourth installment of it’s South African Base Cyphers. Since then he’s performed at almost every major show in The 05 in addition to hosting his first live session Friends, Family and Fans.

I caught up with Naycha for an exclusive chat about his next project “Ha Mnate Jwang”.

“Ha Mnate Jwang”, what’s that about?

The concept is almost similar to “HoMnate” (his single with @ShaxeKhumalo). In my music I use terms and language that I use where I’m from in the hood, in the streets of the Free State. We tend to adopt phrases and lingo from elsewhere since we feel we aren’t cool enough, I’m trying to change that.

I’ve heard people use phrases I use like “ho mnate ho ny*la”, and call the Free State “the 05” which to me means I have some degree of influence. I’ve got to encourage to always pride themselves in where they’re from.

The song really is about having a good time but you’ll pick up that I also briefly touch on the kind of person I am and the pressures I face.

How did it come about?

@Playazbeatz is on production; he also worked on “HoMnate” although this song is a lot more lyrical and radio friendly as opposed to the ratchet and aggressive nature of “Ho Mnate”. I wrote the entire song but I didn’t feel that the chorus suited me so I brought @PrimeEzy in for that and he killed it.

Walk me through the music video concept…

Like I said earlier, the song is about having a good time but my team needed to be creative and think a bit out of the box. We used a lot of neon and UV lighting, which may not be a new idea, but we tried a different manner of execution.

Tankiso Tank Khumalo of Tellen Management directs the music video. Most people know him for his work with Donald in particular the Behind the Red Mic documentary. He gave us freedom to be creative but was able to advise us on what would translate well on camera and what wouldn’t work. The editing is being handled by @PrimeEzy, in addition to being a musician he is also a talented photographer and videographer.

You’re looking at releasing the “Ha Mnate Jwang” music video before official releasing the song as a single. Why that unorthodox move?

I’m looking for new ways of releasing my music because truth be told, anyone can record a song and drop a link and that’s why the market is filled with a lot of junk, so much so that people don’t want to waste their data on links anymore. We need new ways of doing things. I have a better chance of reaching more people through the use of visuals and that’s why I chose this route.

I would love to have it on rotation across TV channels before releasing it on radio. It’s still a thought…

Take a peep at some of the behinds the scenes images from the Naycha ft PrimeEzy “Ha Mnate Jwang” music video shoot.

Ha Mnate Jwang Video Shoot - PlayazBeatz
Producer PlayzBeats
Ha Mnate Jwang Video Shoot - Prime and Naycha
PrimeEzy and Naycha with a video model
Ha Mnate Jwang Video - Naycha 3
Naycha testing out the neon lights
Ha Mnate Jwang Video Shoot - Naycha
Quick break on set

Photographs courtesy of Tankiso Tank Khumalo for Tellen Management.


Facebook: Naycha SA

Twitter: @Naycha_SA

Instagram: @Naycha_SA

Web: http://naychaglobal.com/


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