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NEW MUSIC: Castino – Phanga Days

“Stino is back, now the trouble awaits”… so the song starts and he couldn’t be more accurate. One of my favourite acts to come out of Bloemfontein, Castino recently dropped “Phanga Days” which has become a firm favourite not just for me but the masses.

Stino, as most of us know him is undoubtedly one of the most lively and spirited rappers you’ll find and this vibrance translates into his performances. To call his performances electric would be an understatement, you actually have to see him to believe it.

“Phanga Days” is catchy and in true Stino style, there’s a story being told through his special brand of Gomora Rap. It’s this particular style of music making that has made him stand out in an industry filled with commercial turn-up hip hop. The truth is there is something special about Castino. He doesn’t look like any rapper you know or even sound like one. The way he speaks and carries himself commands respect. The way he makes music and owns the stage …. now that is pure magic. I can’t compare him to anyone I’ve ever met or seen on stage and perhaps that is exactly what draws me to him. I haven’t ever met a STINO!



Download Phanga Days here!



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