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@MoneyNyceGME Makes His Return with The MoneyNyce EP

After a brief musical hiatus my boy 2Nyce aka MoneyNyce is back with a new release in the form of his highly anticipated The MoneyNyce EP.  I’ve known him for quite some time and worked with him as well, the one thing we’ve always spoken about is him being more real in his music, sharing his truth and I feel he’s done just that with this project.

“The Life We Chose” featuring Kalvin K and Cadastrofik is a stand out track and my all time favourite on The MoneyNyce EP. This, the opening track, is an honest account of Nyce’s musical career. Sharing his highs, his lows and his fears; his honesty is raw and relatable. That’s the MoneyNyce I appreciate.

I’m also really loving “In My Zone” because every now and then we are all allowed to feel ourselves and middle finger everyone trying to derail us while hurling “yall can’t fuck with me though”. He again features Kalvin K alongside Presss (yes Coca-Cola pop star Presss) on “Down With It” and AB Crazy on “For You I Will” which essentially is an ode to his day ones, a showing of love to his friends, family and fans so to speak. Nyce goes on to team up with Andrianto Ngwana Mosotho on the fun and somewhat carefree “Shining Hard”. Track number 9 “Tjhelete” is just a damn fun sounding song. “Shining Hard” and “Tjhelete” bring to mind visions of clear blue water, cocktails. Summer fun and debauchery.

Consisting of ten joints, The MoneyNyce EP is a follow up to his debut The Next Big Thang project released in 2010. While he sticks to his formula of his signature Southern influence with a light hearted and up tempo rapping style, fans will be pleasantly surprised by his experimentation of  trap sounds such as on track 3 “Wait Till I Blow” and pan African beats as heard on the closing track “International Love”.

Executive produced by MoneyNyce himself, I’d say this is a solid project. A good listen from opening to closing track. The MoneyNyce EP is available for free download here.












Facebook: 2Nyce aka MoneyNyce

Twitter: @MoneyNyceGME

Instagram: @MoneyNyceGME

Website: http://www.moneynyce.com/



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