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Quick 5 with Hip Hop DJ and Radio Personality @TigerThebe

I host a Sunday radio show – Unrestricted Sundays –  on a local radio station called CUT FM between 4 and 7pm. One of my features is an hour long sit down with a person of interest. This really is my favourite part of the show mainly because I’m a story teller at heart so I’m thrilled by people’s journeys, stories, lessons, failures and successes.

For my first show of the 2017 (still feels strange typing 2017 when my fingers are itching to type 2016), my really good friend Tiger Thebe joined me for a chat about his radio, deejaying, music and fitness (Heard of Prince Kaybee? His personal trainer is my nigger Tiger).

I didn’t get to ask Tiger a few questions because an hour really goes faster than one would think. I figured I’d ask my questions and just extend it to my blog so I caught up with my homie between his radio show and living to get his view on the growing trend of hip hop DJs releasing music, females in hip hop and of course who’s hot and who’s not.

Photo: Tankiso Tank Khumalo


What’s your take on the growing trend of hip hop DJs moving into releasing music?

It’s great that this trend is on the increase. For one; as a DJ you move from playing other people’s music to playing your own which is exciting. In fact, I’m planning on going that route myself in the next year or two.


Who has been the most successful hip hop DJ in your view as far as releasing quality music (both beat and lyrical content)?

I have to say that DJ Dimplez has an impressive catalogue of music. Milkshake I would say got it right with the Cassper and Anatii assisted “My Own”. However, overall I think Capital has been quite successful and has consistently released good quality music.


Females in hip hop are on the rise and over the past few years we have seen the emergence of “femcees”. Who takes it for you and why?

It’s difficult to say when it comes to the ladies in the game. I feel Nadia is purely selling sex, I can barely understand Fifi Cooper on her tracks, Gigi and Rouge are alright and then our new age Brenda Fassie, Moozlie is…ok. Gigi though from a brand perspective takes it.

Bloemfontein has Tam Carson. I listened to some of her stuff and I think she’s dope. If she could get a good publicist and PR team then she’d undoubtedly be able to compete with the best.


Who’s hot and who’s not on the Bloem hip hop scene?

I’ll give it to Castino. Stino had a great 16 and as far as local hip hop is concerned he is hot property.


Whose hip hop project are you looking forward to in 2017?

Castino and Twenny Twenny dropped the “Ba Kae” tape but I’m hoping for a full solo album from Stino.

Word on the street is that ProKid will be making a comeback so that’s exciting and internationally I always look forward to Rick Ross projects.


 He’s on CUT FM weekdays 12:00 – 15:00. Otherwise find him using the details below:


Facebook: Tiger Thebe

Twitter: @TigerThebe

Instagram: @TigerThebe


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