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Mommy Diaries: Back to School…

After a month long holiday and road tripping with The Gabz (my three year old Gabisile or Gabi for short) yesterday (11 Jan) was the day she went back to school. I love my kid and I love spending time with her. She’s bloody hilarious, that’s for sure. I absolutely adore her…except of course when her inner psychopath emerges and I want to give her to the next person I see. Nonetheless, we had a really exciting holiday by the sea with my family; we laughed, we cried, we fought, we ran, we swam, we danced, we cooked, we went to the park and we took walks too. I enjoyed every minute of it including our screaming matches, which in hindsight were ridiculously hilarious…my sisters must have thought we had lost our damn minds (more me than her).


Just look at this face and devious little smile 🙂 Photo: Tankiso Tank Khumalo (He’s her dad)

The Gabz has an uncontainable type of energy; you know how hyper kids get after an overdose of sugar? That’s her, minus the sugar, all day everyday…like a drug baby. Any parent with a toddler will tell you what a handful they can be and how you constantly need to be on your toes because you just never know what they’ll get up to. From wedging themselves between burglar bars, running around in shopping centres (remember I hate malls, loathe them), rolling around while screaming, smearing themselves from head to toe in Vaseline and body lotion to using your feminine hygiene wash as shampoo, they’re pretty damn unpredictable. As unpredictable as they are, they melt your heart when they do cute things like say “I Love You” while pointing first to eyes then heart and then at me…oh bless The Gabz!!!!

The time my phone was Gabi-fied…
School runs…The Gabz is always happy to see me Photo: Tankiso Tank Khumalo

As it so happens my writer’s block left me during this mini break and after a rough few months suffering from the shittiest form of writer’s block I can write again. If you own a toddler most of your time (when you’re with said toddler) will be spent making sure they behave and stay out of mischief. I haven’t written much since I was set free from writer’s block because well…The Gabz. Yesterday she went back to school and despite the silence and not being pressured to entertain her while simultaneously ensuring that she stays out of trouble I didn’t write much. Instead I found myself missing her devious little smile and that laugh that lights up my soul. I also found myself missing the flying kicks to my face, frightening tantrums, screams of “Mommy, Open the door” every morning and the cuteness which accompanies “Do you like chips? Yes I do like chips” and so when I should have been writing I ended up baking her a “Back to school” cake (what the fuck right?!)…and she doesn’t even like cake. What’s a mom to do? *deep sigh* 


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