Why Millennials Quit Their Jobs

Earlier I read an article which mentioned that at least a quarter of millennials (or Generation Xers or whatever you want to call this bunch) plan to leave their current place of employ within the next year while a further two-thirds plan to leave by 2020. It went on to state that millennials are known to job hop without a second thought, something which really has become synonymous with this generation. While it may not be a “good look” to some – some employers argue it points to lack of loyalty- one wonders whether people who write these type of articles actually ask themselves WHY millennials are such “serial job hoppers” in the first place. I took the liberty of jotting down a five reasons this generation may be job hopping…


  1. They are sold dreams

The thing with employers is that they aren’t always truthful. They will sell you dreams and leave out the bits about the amount of red tape that comes with the job, the micromanaging or the horrible work environment. Millennials expect what you promise and when you don’t deliver it’s onto the next.

  1. The culture/environment

I have worked in an environment where every single day entailed walking on eggshells because you didn’t know what you’d be accused of. We would be sent on trips out of town at awkward hours where we were given minimal stipends and booked into the dingiest lodging. At another place you’d have seniors trawling your social media pages looking for incriminating evidence. What that type of environment does is breed bitter people.  How can anyone be expected to walk into a shitty environment, smile and wave  and perform like it aint no thing? It’s all good and well to get a fat pay cheque at the end of the month but the truth is that no pay cheque is worth one’s mental stability.

  1. The pay aint shit

Let’s be frank, entry level jobs pay very little and internships even less (some pay you solely in “experience). Some of these jobs expect you to have your own car as well. When you are walking away with R6000 a month it’s pretty difficult to pay off a car installment (the car also does not run on air), rent, water, electricity, food and all your other living expenses. On top of that you must still invest in your future. With what money? When you are a multi-million Rand corporation you can afford to pay your staff well. Bump the cheese up!

  1. They want to learn and grow

There is a notion that millennials expect everything to be handed to them. I’d say we expect equal opportunity. We expect to be empowered, to be mentored and to be challenged. We are young; our purpose is to learn, grow and take over the world. We’re all about career advancement – meet us halfway. If we don’t see a future with your company, then why the hell stay?

  1. Lack of Appreciation

Contrary to popular belief we don’t want a trophy for everything however if I have spent the last week working a 6am to 11pm shift, single-handedly coordinating an event or bringing in five new clients surely a “thank you” is not too much to ask. A little positive reinforcement and appreciation might actually make us work harder.


Millennials might not always be the easiest to get along with or understand but the truth is we’re sick of getting a bad reputation and being called lazy. We’re starting families and planning our future. We simply want to be treated fairly, recognized for our contributions and remunerated accordingly. The bullshit that comes from seniors and other long serving colleagues is really unnecessary. We’re simple trying to give our best…meet us halfway.


3 thoughts on “Why Millennials Quit Their Jobs

  1. I very much liked your blog posts on “why millennial’s quit their jobs”. Another thing I would add to it is the ceiling we like to learn grow and when we can’t learn or grow or he appeared that there is no room for growth at a company we begin to feel trapped can’t breathe either we stay there and harbor this and it takes the form of bitterness depression anger or we venture out and do something else something with meaning.

    1. I absolutely could not agree with you more. Often times it’s because we aren’t given opportunities that we reach the ceiling very quickly since we are seen as fresh wet behind the ears faces or the older employees are intimidated.

      I’ve been there and I can honestly say there is no pay cheque in the world that is worth going down that dark, bitter, angry place again.

  2. The thing is even these studies and researchers are not ready to realize that every other generation will be different from others. And sure we have some shortcomings, but there are skill sets where we actually are better than any other generation there ever was. All they need to do is capitalize on those.
    Really Articulated post. Especially when 90% of Internet is busy talking what we do rather than see why we do that. Great Job !!

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