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Sometimes Being Selfish is Allowed…

Being selfish is typically not an admirable trait. In fact, most of us are raised to believe that being selfish is a bad thing and are berated when – God forbid – we put our needs ahead of other people’s needs. This is the truth for many who attempt to exercise their right to be selfish and are instead left riddled with feelings of guilt.

A model developed by Yale researchers indicates that evolution tends to favour those who put themselves first over those who opt for cooperation so being selfish is not such a terrible thing after all. With that said here are eight times it is positively ok to be selfish; after all, if you don’t put yourself first who the hell will?

  1. When you need help. No truer words can be said than “it takes a village to raise a child”. Everyone needs help at some point so learn to ask when you need it and delegate when you can’t do it alone.
  2. When you need sleep. Tired people cannot function at their peak. It’s that simple.
  3. When you need time alone: It is called “ME time” for a reason. Don’t feel obligated to entertain guests or attend that turn up at Cubana because all the “bad and bougees” will be there. Stay home and recharge.
  4. When you’ve knocked off: While most people may not understand the concept of business hours, they do actually exist. If a client/colleague calls you at 10pm, you don’t actually have to answer.
  5. When your friend is a leech: Not everyone understands the give-take philosophy; some are more focused on the “take” part. You don’t have to always share are always cover the bill. Let the leech carry the costs for a change.
  6. When you’re in sick mode: It seems like a strange concept for people to grasp that when I’m sick…I’m sick. I’m trying to recover and rebuild my immune system so no I don’t want to meet, answer phone calls or help you with that document. Your health is important, don’t let guilt get in the way.
  7. When the relationship is over: I read a quote not too long ago that said something about leaving when relationships end because you can’t water a dead flower. Basically if the relationship is no longer serving you then let it go.
  8. When your career is going nowhere: Don’t stay in a job that is not building you because you feel bad about leaving – you’ll be replaced faster than you can say “irreplaceable”. Pursue something that will build you and your career.

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