Educated, adventurous, eloquent, ambitious, an aspirant chef and an eager traveler are just a few ways to describe myself. Born in Botswana, raised in the friendly city Port Elizabeth and like a fine wine matured in The City of Roses, Bloemfontein, my name is Helen Namponya.

I’m a mother of one gregarious toddler Gabisile (Zulu name meaning “she who praises herself”) who knows not the meaning of “NO”. She’s a feisty little spirit and every now and then I’ll write about her; when she makes me laugh, the funny things she does and also the times I want to give her away.

HelenBlogsToo is an extension of me and the things that go on in my mind; sometimes hilarious, interesting and also ridiculously frightening. I can be funny, I can be bitchy and I can throw shade like it’s sunny *Nicki Minaj voice*.

When my fingers hit the keyboard I write what I like… a little lifestyle, a little gossip, a little entertainment but all opinion..

Facebook: Helen Namponya

Twitter: @MsHelen_N

Instagram: @MsHelen_N


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