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Mommy Diaries: Back to School…

After a month long holiday and road tripping with The Gabz (my three year old Gabisile or Gabi for short) yesterday (11 Jan) was the day she went back to school. I love my kid and I love spending time with her. She’s bloody hilarious, that’s for sure. I absolutely adore her…except of course when her… Continue reading Mommy Diaries: Back to School…

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Why Shopping In a Mall Stresses me Out

In the minds of most, women love nothing more than shopping and trawling malls. Right? Hell to the damn NO! In fact, I thank the God Lord everyday for the invention of online shopping. The thought of walking into a busy mall and browsing through endless aisles and clothing racks depresses me more than it… Continue reading Why Shopping In a Mall Stresses me Out

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@MoneyNyceGME Makes His Return with The MoneyNyce EP

After a brief musical hiatus my boy 2Nyce aka MoneyNyce is back with a new release in the form of his highly anticipated The MoneyNyce EP.  I’ve known him for quite some time and worked with him as well, the one thing we’ve always spoken about is him being more real in his music, sharing… Continue reading @MoneyNyceGME Makes His Return with The MoneyNyce EP

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Quick 5 with Hip Hop DJ and Radio Personality @TigerThebe

I host a Sunday radio show – Unrestricted Sundays –  on a local radio station called CUT FM between 4 and 7pm. One of my features is an hour long sit down with a person of interest. This really is my favourite part of the show mainly because I’m a story teller at heart so… Continue reading Quick 5 with Hip Hop DJ and Radio Personality @TigerThebe

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MCM: Crushing on @SmashAfrika

Described by those who know him as passionate, driven, ambitious, bold and audacious, Bloemfonteiner Smash Afrika could have been a cricketer (he got his moniker “Smash” from his cricketing days) or a bookkeeper (I shit you not) but instead it was radio that drew him in. I met this vivacious loud mouth while working at… Continue reading MCM: Crushing on @SmashAfrika

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Say Hello to @ErnDope

He calls himself Swag Saint and in celebration of his official coming of age yesterday he dropped this joint “Sanjuta”. Upon listening to the lyrics you’ll hear him talk about what he knows and what he experiences on a night out. It’s age appropriate and it’s catchy. Produced by Asid, a Bloem City based producer,… Continue reading Say Hello to @ErnDope